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Who may use a Subscription

(In the case of a gift subscription, these definitions and rules apply to the designated recipient.)

A valid Subscription to the Digital Edition may be used by any one of the following classes of users:
  • Members of an single, immediate household who currently reside in that dwelling or are on short-term leisure or business travel away from home. A family member away at college is not allowed to use the Subscription and would require the purchase of a separate Subscription.

  • A single business's operations at a single business address (one building) and by employees assigned to that work site while traveling for work-related purposes.

  • U.S. armed forces personnel on active duty at the location where they are stationed or deployed AND by members of that subscriber's immediate family in the family's dwelling.

Within the bounds of the preceding definitions, FOR EACH SUBSCRIPTION NO MORE THAN ONE INDIVIDUAL MAY ACCESS THE HERALD DIGITAL EDITION AT THE SAME TIME USING THE SAME USER NAME OR PASSWORD. Multiple users would require the purchase of additional Subscriptions. Check our current rates for special pricing that may be available for college, military or multiple subscriptions.

Who may not purchase or use a subscription

Subscription licenses are available to individuals, families and businesses for their internal or personal use only. Public exhibition or sharing is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to libraries, cyber cafes, schools, government offices, and for-profit or not-for-profit agencies and organizations.

You may not resell, lease, lend, charge others for or otherwise give away or sell access to your logon and password or to the copyrighted Content. This content may not be reprinted, reused, published or broadcast in any medium or form or collected and used in any clipping services, database or research service.

To obtain rates for institutional or commercial use of our content or services, or for reprint permissions and fees, contact

Copyright and limitations on use

The content displayed on the Web Site ("Content") is the property of The Sharon Herald Co. or its licensors, and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. This includes the selection, arrangement, design of the Content. This Web Site and the Content may be used only for your personal and non-commercial use. You may not copy, reproduce, transmit, broadcast, circulate, modify, display, perform, publish, upload, post, distribute in any way, create derivative works from, or store any Content (including code and software) from the Web Site without the express prior written consent of The Sharon Herald Co., with this one exception:

You may, on an occasional and irregular basis, produce, distribute, display or transmit an insubstantial portion of Content, for a noncommercial purpose and without charge, to a limited number of individuals, provided you include all copyright and other proprietary rights and notices with such portion of the Content in the same form in which the notices appear at the the Digital Edition Web Site, the original source of attribution, and the phrase "Used with permission The Sharon Herald Co. and The Herald Digital Edition,, publications of Ottaway Newspapers of Pa. L.P." However, you may not post any Content from the Web Site to forums, newsgroups, mail lists, electronic bulletin boards, or other Web sites or network servers, without the prior written consent of The Sharon Herald Co. All rights not expressly granted herein are hereby reserved.

Technical support

The Herald offers minimal technical assistance as may be needed to get users up and running with the service. Such assistance is limited to specific help with the Digital Edition, NOT for general computer hardware and software problems.

For more info, see our help and frequently asked questions pages.

Users are responsible for the cost, maintenance, operation and understanding of the computer hardware, software and Internet connection necessary to view the Service. The Herald strongly recommends that Digital Edition users have high-speed, broadband Internet access, such as a cable modem; DSL; ISDN; and company or college highspeed network. Free and sample editions are offered onlins so potential subscribers may see for themselves how the service performs, before they buy a subscription.

Disclaimer of warranties



The Herald values and respects your privacy. Except as otherwise set forth in this Privacy Policy, we will not share your personally identifiable information outside of The Sharon Herald Co. and its affiliates unless you "opt in" to having your personally identifiable information shared with a company that is not affiliated with us

What information we collect

We collect certain identifiable information from Subscribers to service your account. This includes name, billing address, e-mail address, phone number and payment information.

Subscriber usage to the Web site is logged automatically. This includes user logon, time and date, pages viewed, IP address and certain identifable hardware and software information, such as browser version and operating system. We also may specifically request a user to provide additional configuration information in the course of troubleshooting a technical problem the user reports.

We may combine the information that we collect from you on the Digital Edition Web Site with information that you provide to us in connection with your use of our other products, services and Web sites.

How we may use the information we collect
  • For the purposes for which you specifically provided the information. For example, when you request that additional information be sent to you, we will use your personal information to process your request.

  • for administrative purposes and to communicate with you about your account and our services and to send you e-mail notifications about our new or existing services, special offers, or to otherwise contact you.

  • To evaluate how our visitors use and navigate through the Web Site and to monitor for logon sharing or abuse.

  • To allow us to personalize the content and advertising that you and others see based on personal characteristics or preferences.

  • To enhance existing features or develop new features, products and services.

  • To allow us to personalize the content and advertising that you and others see based on personal characteristics or preferences.

  • To provide advertisers and other third parties with aggregate information about our user base and usage patterns.

We may disclose and use personally identifiable information in special circumstances where it is necessary to enforce our Terms of Use (for example, when necessary to protect our intellectual property rights) or when we, in our sole discretion, believe it is necessary or appropriate, in connection with a sale or transfer of some or all of our assets in the Digital Edition.

We may also disclose personally identifiable information when we, in good faith, believe that the law requires us to do so. As we develop our business, we might sell or buy businesses or assets. In transactions such as these, customer information is generally one of the transferred business assets. Moreover, in the unlikely event that we or one of our publishing lines are acquired, customer information may be one of the transferred assets.

We may use third-party network advertisers to deliver ads to you on our behalf. We may also use third-party service providers to contact you on our behalf, or facilitate some aspects of our services or fulfill your requests. These network advertisers and service providers may be supplied with or have access to your personally identifiable information solely for the purpose of providing these services to us or on our behalf.

We do not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 13 although certain third party sites that we link to may do so. These third-party sites have their own terms of use and privacy policies. We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children's Internet usage and to help enforce our Privacy Policy by instructing their children to never provide information on Herald Web sites without their permission.

We use cookies to allow you to move quickly through our site, to recognize repeat visitors and to allow you to take advantage of some of our site's special features.

A cookie is a string of information that is sent by a Web site and stored on your hard drive or temporarily in your computer's memory. Cookies are small files (just a few hundred bytes) and should not pose any significant disk-space concerns.

When you visit the Herald Web sites or use some of the features, like saving your personalized Digital Edition settings, we may pass cookies to your computer. Some of the cookies that we pass to your computer are long term. Otherwise, we would need to ask you for certain information with each new session, such as your login information. Some cookies do expire after a short period of time.

Other cookies that you will receive during your sessions here are from third-party service providers or third-party network advertisers. These network advertisers may use their own cookies in order to serve ads on the Herald Web Sites, ensuring that you will not see the same ads over and over again. We are not responsible for the cookies of such third parties or any use of your personal information collected by such third parties.

Links to third-party Web sites

We may make third-party content or services from other web sites available to you from links located on Herald Web sites. These other Web sites are not subject to this Privacy Policy. We recommend that you review the terms of use and privacy policy at each such web site to determine how that site protects your privacy. We are not responsible for the content of those web sites or the actions of third-party Web site operators.
The personally identifiable information we collect about you is stored in limited-access servers. We will maintain reasonable safeguards to protect the security of these servers and your personally identifiable information.

Any submissions that you make to any public areas of Herald Web Sites including but not limited to, chat services, bulletin boards, reviews, letters to the editor (collectively "Public Areas") will be public and will not be subject to this Privacy Policy. We do not control, and are not responsible for, the actions of other users of the Herald Web sites with respect to any information you post in Public Areas. In addition, information that you submit to Public Areas may be collected and used by us and by others to send you unsolicited messages and for other purposes.

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